Have You Heard the News?

Let’s talk about the news. I rarely watch the news anymore – certainly not the local news anyway. Part of that is because of technology and being able to get the latest on my phone, from social media. And a big part of it is that the news has become a place that scares you

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Make More Money Setting Goals for Your Gold Mine

Last week, we found out that we were sitting on a gold mine here at Elevate, and that if we mined 2000 pounds of dirt, we would get a few grams of gold, but if we worked hard and smart, hour after hour, we could make millions. Caveat: the most important thing to understand is

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An Inch Away

Let’s get real for a second. So I stand up here in front of you most weeks. There may be an air of confidence. I’ve worked hard to get to a place where I can enter any dynamic, any room, any conversation, and create an impact. And yet, like anyone else – like *everyone* else

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Make More Money As a Gold Miner

This week, I watched an episode of Gold Rush on the Discover channel and it got me thinking about how similar mining for gold is to networking here at Elevate. If we look at an actual gold mining operation, we would see that they have to process 2000 pounds of dirt to get a few

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Access the Bigger Conversation

Today let’s talk about “access.” Think about what it took to first get in these doors. Now think about what it took to get approved and accepted to *stay* in these doors. Elevate, we’re a hot ticket. Because showing up here is access to talent, quality, power – and to simplify it, access to business.

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Make More Money By Identifying Your Ideal Client Profiles

This week, I want to tell you about a really productive Networking M3 session that we had last month. One of the main topics of conversation was around identifying your best customers and on how your fellow members can introduce you to more people like them. So Get your pens ready to write because this

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Ownership is Power(ful)

I was looking through some of the pieces I’ve written over my time here, and I came upon something worth sharing again. And in fact, it’s perfect because it took place almost exactly one year ago today. It’s about leadership, and ownership. And how that can translate into business growth. Leadership comes in all shapes

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Make More Money by Expressing Gratitude

This week, I would like to ask: Did you ever want to thank a fellow member for giving you an awesome referral? Well, there’s a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it. And the right way will allow you to get more referrals just like the one you just received.

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Walking the Work/Life “Imbalance Beam”

Show of hands, who in this room will be heading off to work at some point today after the meeting? Ok, got it. And of those who just raised your hands, who will also be engaged in some activity or responsibility in a non-working part of your life? Family, fitness, etc.? Great, thanks. So we’ve

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