Integration, Performance, and Authenticity

As a coach I spend a lot of time around other coaches, and those engaged in transformational work. People who are thinking, learning, and taking action in service of personal growth. And one of the many perks is that I’m constantly gifted with nuggets of wisdom. Recently a colleague said to me, “Whenever you feel

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Happiness, Sweetness, and Cycles

Good morning Luckies! It’s been a couple weeks and I missed you all. It’s great to be back in this room. So this guy right here grew up Jewish. I went to Hebrew School and I was Bar-Mitzvahed. But the reality – for myself and my family – is that we’re way more about the

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Seize the Day!

How old are you? Don’t tell me, it is irrelevant. You may remember that last week my commercial pointed out that Picasso painted well into his 90s. In fact, he sired a child while in his 60s (the dog). And my hero, Frank Lloyd Wright, finished the Guggenheim while in his 90s as well. Some

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Marathon vs. Sprint

Think about this. Running a marathon vs. running a sprint. They’re both interesting experiences, can create cool results, and have a measurable outcome. But they’re two vastly different races. And the way you train for one, the way you actually run during one, and the way you strategize to win one – Will. Not. Work.

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Make “No” Your New Sales Goal

I have a ten month old baby in my house right now, amazing experience watching little Gianna develop and grow. We were sitting at dinner and my daughter Meredith said “No” to Gianna, …she was throwing food on the floor. My wife Katherine turned to her and said “try not to use that word, we

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Say No to Demands and Yes to Yourself

How many people here have a full day in front of them? How many of you have scheduled regular exercise? How many of you sleep an average of 7.5 hours per night? How many of you have scheduled a regular date night with your spouse? Regular play time with your kids? Taking care of ourselves

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Say No to Distraction and Yes to Now

What are you doing right now? How many of us have our phones set to vibrate so that we can respond to an associate at a moments notice? How many of us are looking at our phones right now? One of the biggest myths of our time is the concept of multitasking. Multitasking is the

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Make More Money with Proper Follow Up

If I asked you what the hardest thing in business was, you would probably say delivering a great website; or delivering great legal representation; or delivering the most exquisite jewelry design; or whatever service that you provide. And yes, delivering outstanding service is really critical, but there is one thing more important and more difficult,

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Ready, Aim, Fire!

So hopefully you’ll indulge me if I get just a little bit political. I promise I’m going somewhere with this. Yesterday, it occurred to me that it’s been a little while since the last large scale gun related tragedy. And, unfortunately, if things continue on as they have, it’s simply a matter of time before

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Up Against It

Show of hands, how many people have kids? Great. Ok, keep your hands up. And now raise your hand and add to the group if you are in a significant relationship. Got it. Keep em up. Now add your hand if you own your own business. Ok, and how about if you work regularly and

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