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Desire, Discomfort & Leadership

The great research professor, speaker and storyteller Brené Brown talks about how we all have a choice – courage or comfort. When it comes to facing our fears, and getting what we really want in our lives and businesses, it’s one or the other. In other words, if you want something beyond what you already

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Great Entrepreneurs

Since the first days humans walked this planet there have been entrepreneurs. This distinguished and relatively small group has been responsible for improving the lives of billions of people over thousands of years. From the creation of the wheel 5,500 years ago to the creation of the world wide web in 1989, entrepreneurs have consistently

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Happiness, Money and Having a Mission

How many of you want to make more money? How many of you believe money leads to greater Happiness? Studies show that once family income hits $70,000.00, the sense of well being or happiness decreases radically as they make more and more. Once they move from wanting a car, to wanting a better car, their

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Integration and Authenticity

As a coach who also trains other coaches, I spend a lot of time around people engaged in transformational work. People who are thinking, learning, and taking action in the name of personal growth. And one of the perks is that I’m constantly gifted with nuggets of wisdom. Recently I was discussing the idea of

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Authentic Networking

You may recall, last education piece I did was on how to find, meet, and begin to get acquainted with your best referrers through using social media and eventually meeting them in person. If you missed it, it’s up on the elevate web site. Today We are going to review what to do once you

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Have You Heard the News?

Let’s talk about the news. I rarely watch the news anymore – certainly not the local news anyway. Part of that is because of technology and being able to get the latest on my phone, from social media. And a big part of it is that the news has become a place that scares you

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An Inch Away

Let’s get real for a second. So I stand up here in front of you most weeks. There may be an air of confidence. I’ve worked hard to get to a place where I can enter any dynamic, any room, any conversation, and create an impact. And yet, like anyone else – like *everyone* else

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Access the Bigger Conversation

Today let’s talk about “access.” Think about what it took to first get in these doors. Now think about what it took to get approved and accepted to *stay* in these doors. Elevate, we’re a hot ticket. Because showing up here is access to talent, quality, power – and to simplify it, access to business.

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Ownership is Power(ful)

I was looking through some of the pieces I’ve written over my time here, and I came upon something worth sharing again. And in fact, it’s perfect because it took place almost exactly one year ago today. It’s about leadership, and ownership. And how that can translate into business growth. Leadership comes in all shapes

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