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Lazy is a FOUR Letter Word

As a member, you have been vetted. As a guest you have been invited by someone who has. And so I submit without further need of proof that every one of you… every one of us, can be considered a “high performer.” And through the trials and tribulations of life and business, you have arrived

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Lobsters…Leadership On a Roll

Though lobsters have natural predators — mostly certain kinds of fish when they are young, and primarily we humans, once they’ve reached adulthood — they live well protected inside a chitinous shell. And any of you that have enjoyed lobster as cuisine know all too well how hard and rigid that shell is. But remember,

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Don’t Wait — It Could Kill You

As I’m sure we will be reminded at some point later in the meeting, next week we’re off. And it’s always nice to get a short break. But before we do, I thought we could all use a little motivation so this morning I’m turning up the heat… When we’re young, we learn about the

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Tenacity & Team Play

A few years ago, I was speaking with Conrad at a BNI holiday party. And just like you saw at the Elevate Summit, we’re not only all rockstars at 7am, we can bring it at any hour of the day. So we’re standing there… we’ve both had a couple, and somehow we get to talking

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Greatness & Creating What’s Next

A little over seven years ago, I walked into what was the Union Square Ballroom to check out a BNI Chapter that was known back then as Lucky 62. I had connected with a guy named Conrad — a guy who, at that time, I only knew from the email response to my request to

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The Leadership of Trees

There are over three trillion trees on planet Earth. They give off oxygen that we need to breathe. They reduce the amount of storm water runoff, which reduces erosion and pollution in our waterways. And of course many species of wildlife depend on trees for their habitat. Trees provide food, protection, and homes for many

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Business, Relationship & Relating

If I say that business is all about creating relationship, I’m not really telling you anything new. But “how” and “why” that’s true might provide some room for learning. In the end, it all comes down to trust. As customers and clients ourselves, do we trust the person we might do business with? Do we

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Can You Believe It?

I’m going to share a few historical events with you, and then you’ll get to decide which of them is untrue… if you want, feel free to type your answer in the chat. After getting his very first axe at only six years old, George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and then confessed honestly

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Managing Mistakes & The Hunt for Red October

In 1990 — which amazingly, was over thirty years ago — Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin, along with an all star ensemble, starred in The Hunt For Red October — a fantastic action movie set on submarines during the Cold War between Russia and the US in the mid 1980’s. At one dramatic point in

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Preparation & Practice

So you want to be a better networker? Great, well networking — like so many other things, and especially with business — comes down to relationship. Do you have what they want? Do they have what you need? So progress here is going to take the same thing that anything you want to improve will

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