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We’re here to network. Because we’re here to create business. And both business and networking are all about relationship. So today let’s take a look at something in the bedrock of relationship building. Humility. But we better define this first. My sense is that humility can sometimes get confused with other sentiments. And if misinterpreted,

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Words of wisdom, from the top…

I thoroughly enjoy getting the spotlight for a few minutes each week to share some words that I hope will educate, and entertain, and perhaps even inspire. But today I thought I’d share a few from a couple of folks who have been at this “business thing” quite a while, and are probably worth listening

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Managing Mistakes & The Hunt for Red October

In 1990 — which amazingly, was somehow thirty years ago — Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin, along with an all star ensemble, starred in The Hunt For Red October — a fantastic action movie set on submarines during the Cold War between Russia and the US in the mid 1980’s. At one dramatic point in

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I often find inspiration for all kinds of things contained right inside my daily living. And though I’m not quite religious, having recently celebrated the Jewish holidays has left me with all kinds of ideas for future content. But just when I thought I knew what today was going to be about, something small but

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Foundations of Leadership

Leadership is a deep topic. And if I said that we were going to look at leadership this morning, you’d likely expect some talk about ownership and responsibility, confidence, goals, decision making, setting an example, and inspiring others. And it is about all of those things, of course, and more. But there are two crucial

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The Power of Yes & No

It seems like there are quite a few winds blowing these days — moving life and it’s many parts around in different directions. And we do our best to navigate, and show up for the people and things that matter. But with so much going on, it’s easy to get caught up in the tiny

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Your Pit Crew & the Power of Supportive Relationships

I believe that when we first walk through the doors — be them physical or virtual — and evaluate whether or not Elevate is “for us,” there are certain things we all wonder about. Will I get referrals? Will I close business? Maybe we consider if we’ll learn something, or grow in other ways. But

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Clarity, Connection, Consistency

As entrepreneurs trying to conduct business during this uncertain time, each day brings a variety of thoughts, feelings, concerns, and challenges. We all have a lot going on. As gritty New Yorkers, we’re always hustling, up to creating results. As people in relationships — with clients and friends and family, we show up everywhere, for

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Get Scared, Get Ahead

The great research professor, speaker and storyteller Brené Brown talks about how we all have a choice — courage or comfort. When it comes to facing our fears, and getting what we really want in our lives and businesses, it’s one or the other. In other words, if you want something beyond what you already

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This past weekend, I left a leadership organization that I’ve been a part of for over six and a half years. And it had me thinking about how we do endings. To be clear, I chose out on purpose. And though I value every moment I spent there, and plan to remain an active affiliate,

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