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So weeks have been turning into months. And hopefully, there have been some bright spots in all of this that you’ve been able to enjoy. But at the same time, we’ve all been navigating challenges and uncertainty. And it’s possible to experience various forms of fatigue. In our lives, on our Zoom screens, and in

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Don’t Default to Offering Free So Fast

These days it may seem like offering your product or service for free is the way to contribute to the larger community and serve. However, what you do today will impact your transition tomorrow into wanting to charge the same people for your services later. So how do you navigate the slippery slope of wanting

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Digital Relationships & Connections

We are rolling into week 9 of self-quarantine with Mayor DiBlasio announcing on May 2nd the NYC is still a few months away from reopening. The impact for us in our networking and marketing efforts is that we will continue to be internet dependent for the most part here at Elevate. How do we build

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Hear the Music But Play Your Tune

At this point I think it’s fair to say that it would take strange or extreme circumstances for anyone to not have been impacted by the pandemic. Every single person, to varying degree, has been squeezed out of our comfort zones – mentally, emotionally, physically, financially. Our structures and routines are different. And so is

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Qualifying Your Prospects Better

Many of us on this call work on a business that requires a considerable amount of time prospecting, but who on this call has taken the time to qualify their prospects? Many business owners make the mistake of failing to qualify their prospects early on in their process, resulting in a considerable loss of time

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Keep Your Head Up

It’s clearly a strange and uncertain time. And having structure, routine, and community – especially in the form of a business building network like Elevate – is more valuable than ever. There’s a lot of tough news out there. People are losing revenue, and jobs, and too many are even losing their lives. But there

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It’s Like This Right Now

“It’s like this right now…” I’m Carmela Bennett, a psychotherapist who specializes in anxiety and trauma. Today I’m going to speak to you about ways to stay calm during the coronavirus chaos and give you a simple practice that really works to help manage the anxiety and stress. As human beings we are unconsciously hard-wired

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Whatever your situation is right now with the Statewide Shutdown, you’ve GOT to view this time period as a gigantic Opportunity to block out the noise of what’s going on and finally get done some of the biggest projects sitting on your To-Do List. You know what those are for you. Pick one, get it

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We share a lot. From our agreement to come together weekly in the spirit of networking, all the way out to sharing a planet – and the impact of the latest global situation – we are connected. So this morning I offer as a highlight of our connection and community, an excerpt from something written

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History of Union Square

We come here every week. Today, I’d like to tell your more about the history of Union Square. On this ground George Washington rallied troops…Lincoln’s funeral procession made it’s NY stop .. both Presidents have statues in the park…so does Gandhi When the planes hit on 9-11 this became a primary gathering point for mourners

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