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How are you feeling?

Good morning! How are you feeling today? Maybe you’re feeling great. Maybe you’re feeling a little tired. Maybe you’re excited about the closed business you’re going to report later. Maybe you’re worried about a friend or loved one — someone you know who received some challenging news. My clients will tell you that working with

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Expect the Unexpected

Remember when I said that thing about allowing life and business to unfold, and come to you? Well, that was last week. Today we’re rolling up our sleeves! You didn’t get the memo? In all seriousness, everything I said is all still true — I meant every word. And for anyone that may not know

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We’re Back…Now What!?

Well, we made it! Here we are, 2021. Mathematically, it makes sense, and yet it’s still a little strange to say. So, is everything all different all of a sudden? No? Me neither. A lot of the things on January 1st were likely quite similar to those one day earlier. But we can create opportunities

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I’m not quite sure how it happened, but we are only two weeks away from 2021. And while we will likely still be navigating the health crisis, and the socio-economic and political impact of the year for some time, I find it remarkable that the calendar year 2020 is on the cusp of ending. And

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The Tortoise, the Hare, and Changing Lanes

I’m sure that most of you know the classic tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. One of Aesop’s famous fables, it not only compares two different animals, but also two fundamentally different philosophies on how to approach life and business. As you may recall, the original version actually takes a position, and presents “slow

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How Do You Stop a Jumbo Jet?

I want you to think about the power of a jumbo jet. Imagine a 747 flying through the sky. It’s so heavy and yet the amount of thrust created by the engines is massive. There’s speed and a ton of power allowing it to soar and cut right through the air. But when it’s on

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Gratitude & Giving Thanks

It’s great to see all of you. And it’s particularly special to welcome back so many of our Alumni. And a big thank you to Amy — I saw the outreach again on Facebook. You’re unstoppable. I know I speak for everyone when I say we’re grateful. Thanks for always putting your heart and creativity

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The Lessons of Halloween

Three days from now, we get to celebrate the greatest holiday of the year. At least that’s what my kids would say — they’d tell you without hesitation that Halloween is even more important than their birthdays. And though this year it will likely look and feel a bit differently, it will certainly bring it’s

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We’re here to network. Because we’re here to create business. And both business and networking are all about relationship. So today let’s take a look at something in the bedrock of relationship building. Humility. But we better define this first. My sense is that humility can sometimes get confused with other sentiments. And if misinterpreted,

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Words of wisdom, from the top…

I thoroughly enjoy getting the spotlight for a few minutes each week to share some words that I hope will educate, and entertain, and perhaps even inspire. But today I thought I’d share a few from a couple of folks who have been at this “business thing” quite a while, and are probably worth listening

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