Make More Money By Having The Courage To Have No Excuses

NYC Elevate is a million dollar a month networking community organized to help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals.

In January, we discussed that it was important to set goals for 2023.

Then we discussed that there are a lot of advanced networking tactics that could help you achieve those goals, and that you can learn to do complex things like solving a Rubik’s cube, which is step by step.

Last week, we talked about having the right mindset when learning how to do complex things, which is to do something many times and then by the tenth time you’ll start getting good at it.

But sometimes having goals, tactics and the right mindset aren’t enough. Sometimes, we need courage.

Last night, I watched a documentary on the great middle distance runner, Hicham El Guerrouj. He was the best in the world at 1500 hundred meters for a decade, but inexplicably came up short in back to back Olympics.

In his last Olympics, running against younger, higher ranked competitors, half the race was run and he was stuck in the middle of the pack.

He could have just coasted and finished in whatever position; and could have felt sorry for himself and his snake-bitten career. But he didn’t.

He had the courage to put himself in the one position where there could be no excuses.

That is … he had the courage to put himself in the one position where there could be no excuses.

And with that, he accelerated to the front; held the lead to the end and won the gold medal.

What does this have to do with Elevate?

We have all of the tools, tactics and support to build bigger, better businesses here at Elevate, but for many of us here, these things remain as theory.

So will you have the courage to put yourself in the one position where there could be no excuses?

If you do, I guarantee that you will make more money.

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