Don’t Wait – It Could Kill You

When we’re young, we learn about the dangers of fire. Maybe it was a firefighter that came to give a presentation at your elementary school, or a VHS they popped into a player – yeah, remember those. You were taught about feeling the door before opening it, and getting down to the ground to crawl

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Make More Money Targeting Life Events

This week, I’d like to discuss referral triggers and life events, and actually encourage you to form power teams around these referral triggers. For example, the Wedding Power Team actually has a strong overlap with the Real Estate Power Team. They do … if we think of the life event of a couple getting married.

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Comfort Zones, Willingness, and Growth (Revisited)

Consider this, everything in your comfort zone is something you already know. I’m going to say that again… everything in your comfort zone is something that you already know. So it makes sense that if you wanted to increase a result, you might think it could be done by doing the same things bigger, faster,

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Clarity, Connection, Consistency

There are a thousand and one things we all have going on. As New Yorkers, hustling and scrambling, up to creating results in our worlds. As people in relationships – with others and ourselves, showing up everywhere the best we can. And of course, as business owners and entrepreneurs – striving for growth, wealth, power

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The Most Important Aspect of Elevate

If I asked you what the most important part of Elevate is, I bet the majority of you would say ‘closed business’ or ‘referrals.’ But neither is correct. The most important part of Elevate is our guests. So guests here today, thanks for attending. I hope you are having a great time and are making

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Farmer, Fire, Flower, Fence Revisited

Every piece of business ultimately contains a transaction. Typically, it’s an exchange of goods or services for money. And there are different levels of exchange. In other words, buying a pack of gum is going to be less involved than buying a brownstone, right Josh Doyle? Andrew Steinberg, I imagine booking someone for a weekend

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Become a Superhero of Helping!

Did you know that being a member of Elevate makes you my default go to guy or go to gal in your profession? So in the spirit of givers gain, I’d like to highlight some referrals I gave recently and how they came about, and hopefully this will inspire you to help the people you

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Thanks to a lot of effort from a lot of people, Elevate has become something very special. From the founders to the current MC, our officers, and really all of us – this whole community. But at our core, we’re simply a networking group. Networking. Net. Work. We’re about creating business relationships. A NET of

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Trust, Confidence, and Responsibility

A little something about Amy Noelle that most of us know, but some may not – in addition to being a great leader and a great president, Amy can make a cake like nobody’s business. I don’t just mean delicious but the prettiest, classiest thing you’ve ever seen. She’s confident in the kitchen. Speaking of

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Forget What You Want, What Do You Have?

Show of hands, who has a pretty good idea of some of the things they want to create this year? Great. And it’s good to know what we want, and where we’re heading. But for today, let’s forget about the future. And take a good look at the here and now. Take a look around.

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