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Elevate is a relationship marketing organization with over 85 entrepreneurs and professionals in various occupations.

We help our members make more money through structured collaboration and referrals with a process of getting to know, like and trust each other.


Most important, there’s only one person per profession, so once you’re a member, you lock out your competition!

For example, Conrad Strabone, has represented the Website Design and Development profession in our organization for the last decade.

That means he’s the only one that can represent those services at Elevate, and that means that when any of the other members hear of someone in their network needing help building a new website or needing help with an existing website, they connect Conrad with that person.

Keep in mind that the only reason members refer Conrad is that their friend or client needs help with their website and they know Conrad provides top level service in that area of expertise. The primary goal is to help their friend or client. The ancillary benefit is that Conrad gets an introduction to someone that needs his services.


We meet every Wednesday on Zoom with 100+ people attending.

This allows us to consistently build relationships with our fellow members, and trade referrals, resources and contacts.

We also do “121s” with our fellow members. Think of 121s as Business Development meetings. Pre-pandemic, we never ate alone; we never drank alone. We always did it with our fellow members.

Post-pandemic, we never zoom alone. (Don’t Zoom alone. It’s not productive!) That means we get together for a 30 minute call to discuss what we’re working on and who we’d like to meet next. And that keeps of top of mind with that member for the next few weeks.

We do a lot of other relationship building events like LinkedIn Training; Power Team Events; Social Events and our Annual In-Person Summit, among other things.

The bottom line is everything we do is about building relationships with our fellow members, and that leads to referrals; and those referrals have led to over $100,000,000 of revenue for our members!


The night before the meeting at 6:00pm EST, you will get an email with the Zoom Details.

Be prepared to join the meeting for open networking in breakout rooms starting at 6:45am EST with the formal meeting starting at 7:00am EST.

On the Zoom meeting, everybody gets a chance to introduce themselves, so prepare a short 25 second elevator pitch about you, your business and the clients you would like to meet.

For example, here is Conrad’s elevator pitch:

Good Morning! I’m Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital.

We’re not only top rated NYC website firm in Manhattan according to Google Reviews, we’re also in the top 1% of all Web Firms in the USA according to UpCity.

We’re tops on Google and UpCity only because our clients have given us hundreds of 5 star reviews for the award winning websites we’ve built.

This week, I’m looking to meet lawyers, accountants, finance, ecommerce, biotech and pharma businesses that want a beautiful website that generates a lot of sales leads.

We’re also looking for clients that need maintenance, bug fixes, upgrades on their existing websites to make sure they perform optimally.

You can learn more about us

Again, I’m Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital, and we build websites that build businesses!

In addition to the round of Elevator Pitches, we will get …

  • Two educational and networking training moments
  • Two more sessions of open networking in breakout rooms
  • Two in-depth 5 minutes presentations by members (Think of these as extended elevator pitches)
  • Closed Business Announcements (Our Successes!)
  • Testimonials on our fellow members (Building Trust)

Finally, The meeting ends around 8:45, and then there is more open networking until 9:15.

While we are serious about business and trading referrals, we try to keep the meeting slightly less formal with some people having a little fun during their elevator pitch…so come with a sense of humor!

We have 2 rounds of elevator pitches. Members and substitutes go first in alphabetical order by the member’s first name; then guests in alphabetical order by first name. (And if we miss you for some reason, don’t worry, we will come around at the end to doublecheck that everyone spoke.)


If you would like to attend a meeting, RSVP here.