Visit Elevate

If this is the first time you have attended our networking event, you’ll find it to be both interesting and fun!


Elevate is an advanced networking organization with 80+ entrepreneurs and professionals in various professions.

We meet every Wednesday on Zoom to build relationships with our fellow members and trade referrals, resources and contacts.


First, open networking starts at 6:45 AM and the formal meeting starts at 7:00 AM.

Second, we go around the room and everybody gets to introduce themselves, so prepare a short 25 second elevator pitch about you, your business and the clients you would like to meet.

Third, there will be a couple of featured presentations and a couple of business and networking education moments.

Fourth, we wrap up the formal meeting with a testimonial section where guests discuss the great work other guests have done for them

Finally, The meeting ends around 8:45, and then there is more open networking until 9:15.

For example, here is my elevator pitch:

Good Morning! I’m Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital. We’re the top rated website agency in Manhattan. This week, I’m looking to meet businesses that want a beautiful website that also generates a lot of sales leads. You can learn more about us Again, I’m Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital, and we build websites that build businesses!

While we are serious about business and trading referrals, we try to keep the meeting slightly less formal with some people having a little fun during their elevator pitch…so come with a sense of humor!

We have 2 rounds of elevator pitches. Members and substitutes go first in alphabetical order by the member’s first name; then guests in alphabetical order by first name. (And if we miss you for some reason, don’t worry, we will come around at the end to doublecheck that everyone spoke.)

We meet on Zoom everyWednesday.


If you would like to attend a meeting, RSVP here.