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Elevate Your Game – Reporting Closed Business

Every week, I give you tips on how to use our networking tools to make more money, so this is your quarterly reminder on the items that you should be reporting as Closed Business to Elevate. The simple answer is that you should be reporting all closed business that resulted from your membership in Elevate.

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Make More Money By Networking With Other Vendors On a Project!

Do you ever get hired for projects that will also employ other vendors like a wedding or an office renovation? Get your pens ready to write because this week’s make more money moment will help you increase your referral network! Let’s take case of a wedding, and DJ Coolhand being hired as the DJ. The

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Elevate Your Game By Giving More Referrals!

I’ve been reflecting on my 7 years in NYC. And I’m not only really grateful for the one million dollars in closed business I have received. I’m really proud that I have been able to give a similar amount. And that’s got me to thinking about the techniques that I have employed from time to

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Elevate Your Game By Understanding How Engagement Is Calculated?

This week’s Member Success Tip is on how the website calculates our baseline metric of engagement. The first thing to understand is what are the activities that contribute towards that measurement of engagement. These activities include passing a referral; having a 121; or bringing a guest. The total of those activities is then divided by

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