Make More Money with Proper Follow Up

If I asked you what the hardest thing in business was, you would probably say delivering a great website; or delivering great legal representation; or delivering the most exquisite jewelry design; or whatever service that you provide. And yes, delivering outstanding service is really critical, but there is one thing more important and more difficult,

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Ready, Aim, Fire!

So hopefully you’ll indulge me if I get just a little bit political. I promise I’m going somewhere with this. Yesterday, it occurred to me that it’s been a little while since the last large scale gun related tragedy. And, unfortunately, if things continue on as they have, it’s simply a matter of time before

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Up Against It

Show of hands, how many people have kids? Great. Ok, keep your hands up. And now raise your hand and add to the group if you are in a significant relationship. Got it. Keep em up. Now add your hand if you own your own business. Ok, and how about if you work regularly and

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Make More Money by Contacting Old Clients

Do you know that the greatest source of untapped business are your former clients They already know you, like you and trust you, so why wouldn’t they do business with you again? Here’s a simple case study: Carey sold a medical practice a few months ago, and the buyer was really happy. That medical practice

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History of Union Square

We come here every week. Today, I’d like to tell your more about the history of Union Square. On this ground George Washington rallied troops…Lincoln’s funeral procession made it’s NY stop .. both Presidents have statues in the park…so does Gandhi Not all times were friendly for people to visit. In the early 1970s our

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In 1992 Acura released the Integra. I remember because a few years later my younger sister was driving one. It’s a funny word, Integra. In fact it’s not a word at all – at least not a real word in the English language. It’s one of those names car companies make up – like Impreza,

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I left a hot yoga class yesterday morning, and I was driving on my way home and thinking about what I might talk about today. After about thirty seconds of not too much bubbling up, the word “network” entered my mind. Ok, no big deal, nothing special. Networking. That’s what we do, got it. But

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5 Step Referral System – Part 5

Well guess what? We’re at the last step off the 5 Step Referral system. I’ve actually now been using this system successfully to connect with tons of referral partners through BNI and even cold emails and they are referring us more and more business, so it’s definitely worth implementing if you haven’t yet! So far

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The Greatest Showman – How are you running YOUR Circus?

How many have seen the movie the Greatest Showman, starring Hugh Jackman? I’ve seen it twice now – my kids are a bit obsessed, it’s on their short list. And I’ve been listening to songs from it’s very moving soundtrack. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s a dramatized tale of the real story of

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The Five Step Referral System PART 4

Hey everyone, I’m excited to be back! We have been talking about coming with an easy referral system and writing a copy and paste email BNI members they can send for you. This is vitally important. Who here has a well-written copy and paste emails they give to BNI members for an intro? The next

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