Ownership is Power(ful)

Leadership comes in all shapes and sizes. Some leaders stand behind podiums, and impact millions of people. And some simply make a difference in their own household. A couple weeks ago, I witnessed leadership in a fundamental but telling form right here in this room. You may not even remember it, it was that simple.

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The Five Step Referral System PART 3

To incentivize referral partners to work with me, I am offering them value they can provide to their clients in the form of high quality photography, along with referral fees so they can profit off of recommending our services. And I usually start the relationship by offering to connect them to other people that might

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The Five Step Referral System PART 2

Good morning! Sorry it’s been a while since my last education piece but a few things happened with the scheduling, so I’m going to not be going every week, but every couple of weeks. For anyone who wasn’t here a few weeks back when I started, I’m doing a multi-week education series on something I

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Make More Money By Giving Stuff Away!

How would you like to make more money by giving away something valuable for free, and yet it will cost you nothing? So how do you do that? Let’s use Simone as an example. Imagine if she were to create a gift certificate to her group dance lessons, and then gave one to each of

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I Double Dare You

When I was six, Dori Hechtman dared me to climb up the outside of her life size wooden playhouse and stand on the roof. I looked doubtful and so she said, I double dare you. Now, as a kid raised in Jersey City, I knew one thing – say no to a dare in front

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Your Ideal Client

Business Networking International. The last word is pretty cool, but I think we all know what gets us up before the sun – growing the first by means of the second. We want more business, which for most of us means more clients. But does that just mean more people with money? As a Life

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The Five Step Referral System PART 1

As most of you probably know, people call me the “Systems Guy,” because I’m into creating repeatable systems that can make things much more effective in the long term. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been interviewing many of you and have created something called the 5 Step Referral System. I’m going to give you

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Make More Money by Reducing Networking Friction

In general, there are two types of referrals that we can give: passive and proactive. So today’s make more money money moment is how to reduce networking friction and get more proactive referrals, so get your pens out and ready to write. Let’s use John Cipplone as an example. If someone says ‘hey Conrad, I’m

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Make More Money From People You Don’t Know

How would you like to make more money from people that you don’t know? Get your pens ready to write, because this week I’m going to give you a simple task that will help make that happen. One of the best things about being in this chapter for almost 8 years is that I formed

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