About Us

Elevate is the largest and most successful networking organization of our type with over 85 members in various professions and over $100M in closed business referred to our members.

What makes your group so special?

Most networking groups are loosely organized around infrequent meetings or cocktails.

Elevate’s founding principles revolve around structure, discipline, accountability and exclusiveness.

To that end, we encourage our members to attend the great majority of our weekly meetings; to keep track of the business development meetings with their fellow members; to invite visitors like yourself to our weekly meeting (we love meeting new people!) and when the opportunities arise to refer your fellow members.

And since there is only one person of each profession, your competition is naturally locked out.

What are the benefits of being a member?

  • Belonging to a community of growth oriented professionals
  • The opportunity to meet 1,500 new people every year
  • Improving your public speaking skills
  • Improving your sales and business skills
  • Participating in weekly breakfast meetings
  • Participating in monthly power team meetings
  • Participating in monthly business round tables
  • Attending monthly education events like sales or Linkedin training
  • Having one-to-one business development meetings with each of the members
  • Networking with 150,000 members around the world
  • Being able to attend any one of 3,000 meetings that happen around the world each week
  • Getting access to your fellow members’ Rolodexes
  • Getting access to hundreds of trusted resources
  • and of course, making more money from referrals you get from your fellow members!

Knowing what this group can do, what do you think are the top 3 things that you can benefit from?