Make More Money: Gold Miners Are The Most Important Part of Elevate

In the past few weeks, we learned that we are sitting on a gold mine here at Elevate, and we’ve been learning how to mine that gold in the form of getting quality referrals.

But this week, I want to revisit the most important aspect of Elevate, and it’s not ‘closed business’ or ‘referrals.’

The most important part of Elevate is our gold miners in the form of our members and our guests.

Why? Without miners there is no way to get gold from the mine.

So guests here today, thanks for attending. I hope you are having a great time and are making some valuable contacts.

Now Elevators, the reason I say that guests are the most important part of Elevate is because each and every one of you was once a guest in this room; and someone thought enough of you to invite you to be here.

And as a guest, you found value in being here that day. So much so, that you wanted to be here every week.

And only because each of you found value in being every week, we have enjoyed 1,700 referrals and $10.2M in closed business last year.

So that’s why I say that our guests are the most important part of Elevate. Not because we are actively looking to grow our membership per se, but because we like meeting new people; collaborating with them and sharing resources.

Guests: you are most often in professions that are not currently represented in this room, so by you being at our meeting…

  • It increases the depth of our rolodexes
  • It gives you a chance to get a referral and make contacts
  • AND it gives our members a chance to get a referral that another member might not have been able to make directly.

Finally, the collective DNA of our chapter needs extreme diversity to survive in the dangerous world of networking.

Ok, not so dangerous, but it’s still critical for each member to make sure they contribute to the group’s overall success in this regard, and that’s why we have an annual requirement.

Elevtors, I’ll sum this up by asking you to take one moment every week to reflect on the favor someone did by inviting you to this room, and then pay that forward to the next person that could use help in growing their business.

So please invite your clients, your friends, people starting businesses, people that just moved to New York City that want to jump start their network, or really anyone that likes meeting people.

And guests, if you know anyone looking to grow their business or expand their network, please connect them with me or one of the visitors hosts. We will add them to the guest list and I’m sure they will thank you for recommending Elevate.

And in the end, if each of us brings more guests to this meeting, I guarantee that members and guest will all make more money!

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