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Training – Circumstance vs. Commitment

We’re always training people in something. Whether it’s the way we shake hands, or our email signature, or whether or not we back up our words with actions. Take a look around the room. If I asked you what kind of person someone was, you’d likely have an answer that described them. And that opinion

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What’s Your Communication Style?

We’re going to play a little game to help you identify your communication style. I’m going to tell you about the four communication styles that are summed up in the acronym DASI, and you’re going to listen for the communication styles that best fit you, make sense? DASI stands for Directive, Analytic, Supportive, and Initiative.

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Active Listening

I believe just about everyone in the room knows that I’m a coach. I’m a rigorously trained Life Coach. But I typically don’t say that because these Education moments are not about me. They’re about all of us – and how we can become better networkers. Well, today I’m going to bring you something right

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Coming Together

First of all, it’s so good to see everybody. I can’t say that the waking up part of my Wednesday’s is always a pleasure, but walking into this communal space, seeing all of the faces, getting the head nods and high fives, having the connected conversations, and of course doing business – it’s all a

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Your “No Brainer”

As a coach, I love asking people to look “outside the box.” I don’t typically use that actual language because it’s over played. But coming up with the idea that’s new, or different, or outside their comfort zone, holds a lot of possibility because it’s beyond what they already know. So it’s often my jam.

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Three Steps Conflict Transformation

There are three steps to transforming potentially destructive conflict to a conflict in which something new will emerge. These steps have everything to do with you and very little to do with the other person other than how they choose to react. It’s really all about trigger management- managing your own reaction to situations that

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Just Two Minutes

What if you only had two minutes to make a lasting impression on a potential client or customer? Whether you’re at an airport bar and they’re about to catch a flight? Or you’re in an elevator and they’ve pushed their floor but you can feel their energy and it’s someone you’d like to work with.

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Why Become A Mentor?

How many people feel you are experts in communication? How many people would like to expand their network? How many of you feel there is always more to learn? The most sure fire way to grow in these areas is to mentor someone else. 71% of fortune 500 companies have mentorship programs, that’s a powerful

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