Comfort Zones, Willingness, and Growth (Revisited)

Consider this, everything in your comfort zone is something you already know. I’m going to say that again… everything in your comfort zone is something that you already know. So it makes sense that if you wanted to increase a result, you might think it could be done by doing the same things bigger, faster,

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Clarity, Connection, Consistency

There are a thousand and one things we all have going on. As New Yorkers, hustling and scrambling, up to creating results in our worlds. As people in relationships – with others and ourselves, showing up everywhere the best we can. And of course, as business owners and entrepreneurs – striving for growth, wealth, power

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Farmer, Fire, Flower, Fence Revisited

Every piece of business ultimately contains a transaction. Typically, it’s an exchange of goods or services for money. And there are different levels of exchange. In other words, buying a pack of gum is going to be less involved than buying a brownstone, right Josh Doyle? Andrew Steinberg, I imagine booking someone for a weekend

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Make More Money By Becoming a Superhero of Helping!

Did you know that being a member of Elevate makes you my default go to guy or go to gal in your profession? So in the spirit of givers gain, I’d like to highlight some referrals I gave recently and how they came about, and hopefully this will inspire you to help the people you

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Integration, Performance, and Authenticity

As a coach I spend a lot of time around other coaches, and those engaged in transformational work. People who are thinking, learning, and taking action in service of personal growth. And one of the many perks is that I’m constantly gifted with nuggets of wisdom. Recently a colleague said to me, “Whenever you feel

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Happiness, Sweetness, and Cycles

Good morning Luckies! It’s been a couple weeks and I missed you all. It’s great to be back in this room. So this guy right here grew up Jewish. I went to Hebrew School and I was Bar-Mitzvahed. But the reality – for myself and my family – is that we’re way more about the

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Seize the Day!

How old are you? Don’t tell me, it is irrelevant. You may remember that last week my commercial pointed out that Picasso painted well into his 90s. In fact, he sired a child while in his 60s (the dog). And my hero, Frank Lloyd Wright, finished the Guggenheim while in his 90s as well. Some

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Marathon vs. Sprint

Think about this. Running a marathon vs. running a sprint. They’re both interesting experiences, can create cool results, and have a measurable outcome. But they’re two vastly different races. And the way you train for one, the way you actually run during one, and the way you strategize to win one – Will. Not. Work.

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Make “No” Your New Sales Goal

I have a ten month old baby in my house right now, amazing experience watching little Gianna develop and grow. We were sitting at dinner and my daughter Meredith said “No” to Gianna, …she was throwing food on the floor. My wife Katherine turned to her and said “try not to use that word, we

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