Make More Money By Becoming a Superhero of Helping!

Did you know that being a member of Elevate makes you my default go to guy or go to gal in your profession?

So in the spirit of givers gain, I’d like to highlight some referrals I gave recently and how they came about, and hopefully this will inspire you to help the people you know with the ancillary benefit being that your fellow member will receive a referral.

First, you have to have the right mindset which is to always be looking to help people beyond your area of practice.

Second, remember that you can always help people because you have the deepest rolodex (this roster) and can always introduce a trusted resource that can solve the person’s problem.

Now that you have the right mindset and your trusted resources handy, you’re ready to help whomever you speak to.

So here’s how I did it recently. The first two opportunities to help came from one of my online groups.

The first person asked for someone who can shoot magazine covers, and because I got to know her here at Elevate, it was easy to recommend Bri, our stellar fashion photographer, and give her a strong testimonial.

The second person was in a dispute with their insurance company; so I checked with Aaron, who’s our lawyer that specializes in resolving monetary disputes, and he said it was a good fit, so I made that introduction, again with a strong testimonial.

I know some of you do this too, and in fact Dani Nodelman does this to great effect in one of her Mommy Groups because I have been the recipient of many of her referrals.

So let’s pause for a second and pick up our pens.

Please make a note of the groups, online or in real life, that you belong to and resolve to closely watch what people are posting. Then help them solve their problems by referring your fellow members; and always remember to post strong testimonials with those recommendations.

Now, if you don’t belong to any groups, then use this presentation as the impetus to join one or two.

Here’s another example, I was on the initial sales call with a man who is opening a school. While discussing the website project, he mentioned that he was not happy with the General Contractor he was talking to.

So I used that opportunity to help him and made a introduction to Joe Masomillo, our Commercial General Contractor, again, with a strong testimonial.

The key here is that I made the intro immediately before I won or lost the deal because if I waited until I lost the deal, I could have never made that intro.

Remember, you will have many more sales calls than deals you close, so use those opportunities to listen closely to your prospect.

If you help them in areas beyond your practice, you will give yourself an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your competitors and demonstrate that you are not just another vendor; but that you are a valuable partner who will contribute to the success of their business.

So use these tips to become a superhero helper, and I definitely guarantee that we will all make more money.

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