Marathon vs. Sprint

Think about this. Running a marathon vs. running a sprint.

They’re both interesting experiences, can create cool results, and have a measurable outcome.

But they’re two vastly different races.

And the way you train for one, the way you actually run during one, and the way you strategize to win one – Will. Not. Work. in the other paradigm.

So the point is… KNOW YOUR RACE.

What kind of client are you trying to close?

If you’re selling widgets in volume, like pens or swag items, then you may be sprinting all over the place.

If you’re looking to close an eight-figure real estate deal it’s a different animal, right Josh Doyle?

And if you’re a high ticket service provider like me or Yotam, it may be a hybrid – sometimes sprinting in a conversation or session but really intending to craft a relationship that brings more significant results over a longer timeline.

These two “races” have a different level of prep, a different angle of engagement, and a different goal structure.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and either are the long term results of my clients. But it’s my commitment that they generate value in every conversation.

On the other hand, while Matt Long may work long and hard on his wood, if he doesn’t nail that sand sculpture on the first try, he ain’t getting a call back.

Know yourself, the nature of your business, and the way you work most effectively.

Then get to know your clients, their goals, and prep accordingly.

You do that, you’ll win every time!

See you at the finish.

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