Clarity, Connection, Consistency

There are a thousand and one things we all have going on. As New Yorkers, hustling and scrambling, up to creating results in our worlds. As people in relationships – with others and ourselves, showing up everywhere the best we can. And of course, as business owners and entrepreneurs – striving for growth, wealth, power and security.

So today, let’s boil it all down to three factors that you can carry with you when you walk out of here. That you can implement to make a difference.

I’ll call them the Three C’s,” Clarity, Connection, and Consistency.

Here’s where to put your attention…


Clarity of mind. Whether it’s meditation, making a list, or blocking time in your calendar, a clear mind is a powerful one.

Clarity of purpose. Why are you doing what you’re doing? Know that and don’t forget it. You can always make decisions from there.

Clarity of message. What are you saying to your clients? To the world? Who are you? What do you stand for? I’m not
Intending to apply pressure, but everyone’s watching and making decisions. Right Rachel?


Connection to your clients. What does the relationship look like? How’s trust going? Can they hear you? Are you listening to them?

Connection to your network. Kind of similar. Do they – we – know you and what you do? Can you help us know better? Do that.


Consistency in the quality of your product or service. This speaks for itself, but once expectations are set, most clients come to rely on that being how it is. Consider a little quality control.

Consistency in the actions you’re taking to build and move forward. Conrad might tell you to do the same commercial in here a few weeks in a row. Another place to look is putting forth effort on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. To use Elevate as an example, send emails or make calls every day. Have 121’s every week. Do a 5 min presentation every handful of months. And you can filter your other business building actions this way as well.

So again… Clarity, Connection, Consistency.




And you’ll kill it!

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