Make More Money Targeting Life Events

This week, I’d like to discuss referral triggers and life events, and actually encourage you to form power teams around these referral triggers.

For example, the Wedding Power Team actually has a strong overlap with the Real Estate Power Team.

They do … if we think of the life event of a couple getting married.

  • When a couple decides to get married, of course they need …
  • our great wedding photographer, Jon Lemon,
  • and our makeup artist extraordinaire, Sharon Becker.
  • and Carol Offman, our custom jewelry designer for a beautiful ring
  • and Simone, our dance instructor, to help them with their first public dance together

And maybe this couple wants to buy a new apartment to start their family, and that means we have a referral Josh Doyle, our apartment sales broker.

And we might have a referral to Zain Chamoun, our apartment rental broker, to rent the two apartments being vacated.

And we might have a referral to Steven Bailey to help with the residential moves.

And we might have a referral to Mike Nerenberg, as the real estate attorney that can handle the closing.

And we might have a referral to Heshy Feldman to provide title insurance for the new apartment.

And we might have a referral for Mike Vrlarku to help them finance their new home with a mortgage.

And we might have a referral to Joe Lupo to do the interior design of the new apartment.

So this one life event may result in 12 or more referrals for the experts in our group.

  • Other life events are things like …
  • Having a baby
  • Getting a divorce
  • Getting a new job
  • Getting a bonus at work
  • Starting a business
  • Retiring from work

What other life events can you think of?

You should make a list of every life event where you can help and then seek out your fellow members that can also help with that event, and then form a power team around that event.

If you do that, I guarantee that you and your fellow members will all make more money.

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