Make More Money By Networking With Other Vendors On a Project!

Do you ever get hired for projects that will also employ other vendors like a wedding or an office renovation?

Get your pens ready to write because this week’s make more money moment will help you increase your referral network! Let’s take case of a wedding, and DJ Coolhand being hired as the DJ.

The first thing DJ should do after being hired is …collect a deposit, but you knew that.

The second thing he should do is present his client intake form, with one of the sections being dedicated to collecting the contact information of the other vendors that will be working the wedding like the florist, the caterer, the photographer, and planner.

This does two things. First, it allows him to coordinate with the other vendors to ensure that the event comes off seamlessly.

But second, and more critically, at least for him, is that he can now contact, network and trade referrals with these people on future weddings.

Now, if you connect with these other vendors, the most important thing you need to do is stay in touch with them at least on a monthly basis to make sure you stay top of mind…And don’t send them a newsletter, send them a personal email checking in on them and their business.

Finally, if you’re connecting with other vendors, why don’t you invite them to come join us for breakfast one Wednesday. I think we would all like to meet them too!

If you have any questions, or would like some additional coaching on how to do this effectively, please email me…. Now get out there and make more money!

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