NYC 62: 8.28.13 Education – Anyone seen VITO lately?

Who remembers VITO?

We’ve spoken about VITO before but it bears repeating because VITO is the Very Important Top Officer written about by Anthony Parinello.

VITO is the decision maker you want to get to and convince to hire you, but getting to her is hard and closing the deal is even harder.

VITO will take calls from people who they perceive are of Equal Business Stature AND if they feel it is in their best interest.

You must illustrate in less than 30 seconds that you bring value and can deliver upon your promise. Listen and transpose this advice to pertain to your business. These points pertain to any person, really, that you want to connect and succeed with.

Among their favorite topics are:

  • Increased revenue or market share
  • Increased efficiencies, effectiveness and mission critical issues
  • Growing their business, gaining control and generally……winning!

Your pitch must respond to one or more of these tangible issues:

  • Raising revenues.
  • Increasing efficiencies.
  • Attracting new and repeat customers.

Intangibles are also appetizing:

  • Less pain…….hear that Health and Wellness Sphere?
  • Greater peace of mind.
  • Having a good personal and business image…….hear that SEO and Media folks?Retaining good and hard workers.

VITO is usually a passionate visionary with a strong ego. They will reach for carrots, but not your standard garden variety. Offer them what they feed on…..winning ideas and excellence. Earn their trust and you too can be a VITO.

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