August 7, 2013

NYC 62 MST 8.7.13 – New Policy on Monthly Dues

Your Member Success Tip this week has to do with the chapter’s new policy regarding our monthly breakfast dues.  On the last day of each month, the chapter’s accounting system automatically emails you an invoice for the coming month, and here’s a tip: I suggest that you set a filter that marks those email as

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NYC 62: 8.7.13 Education – “So tell me about yourself”

“So tell me about yourself” is the easiest and most difficult question to answer, says Ann Mehl, Business Coach. Recruiters say that they aren’t looking for the actual details about people, but the manner in which  personal information is delivered. Is it enthusiastic, inspiring, thoughtful?  Whether interviewing for a job or a customer do you

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NYC 62: 7.4.13 Education – The Myth About Independence

Earlier this month we celebrated Independence Day. But, Ann Mehl points out that there is a myth about independence. To illustrate this she tells us an allegorical tale called “The Story of the Long Spoons”. In it a man visits Heaven and Hell. First, in Hell, he sees a banquette table laden with food and

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