NYC 62: 8.7.13 Education – “So tell me about yourself”

“So tell me about yourself” is the easiest and most difficult question to answer, says Ann Mehl, Business Coach.

Recruiters say that they aren’t looking for the actual details about people, but the manner in which  personal information is delivered. Is it enthusiastic, inspiring, thoughtful?  Whether interviewing for a job or a customer do you come off as having a healthy self-esteem, a sense of humor?  Are you articulate, confident?  Do you seem interesting and honest?

Ann Mehl goes on to point out 5 things to consider.

1.  Think Connectors
Over 60% of all jobs are filled by personal referral.  Your extended family, book club, alumni contacts are all important tools for getting connected.

2.  Be Targeted and Specific
Don’t bother responding to a job or project posted on line.  Use your network.  Find someone on LinkedIn at the company you’re interested in and ask for an informal meeting to get the scoop on the corporate culture, their own career, whatever so you are prepared.  It might even lead to an intro to the HR people.

3.  What’s Your Story?
What are you saying about yourself?  You don’t talk about your ugly divorce on a first date.  People don’t like drama, they want creative solutions to their immediate problems. So, leave the old baggage behind and reframe your resume as an “adventure story” that someone might be interested in hearing.

4.  Don’t forget the basics.
Good manners still count, dress for success, you are your own brand, don’t corrupt it.  Be well versed in the news about your prospect, do your homework, show yourself as eager and proactive.

5.  It’s Only a Conversation.
It’s not an interrogation, keep the conversation flowing and memorable.  Body language is about 80% of how you are perceived. Be aware of what your eyes, hands and nails are doing.

People don’t hire resumes, they hire people.

Be the kind of person others want to be with, the kind of person they feel they can rely upon. Instill confidence and let your spirit shine.
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