The world is complicated.

The world is complicated.

Sometimes it doesn’t seem that way because all you have to do is enter two words in Google and it searches 12 billion pages for your answer. Simple….or not?

There are whole sections of bookstores that will offer formulas for success.

We live in a computer era where we want and expect immediate answers, fixes and success.

Seth Godin says in ” Poke the Box” that initiative and starting something requires a different path, the path of “Let’s see ” and “try”.

If there is no clear right answer perhaps the thing to do is something different or new.

In this world of infinite possibilities, “try” leads to discovery.

Yesterday I saw a commercial for a new Christmas light. Instead of stringing customary lights on your house, you can project a billion stars on your home with one lamp. Someone thought outside of the box, applied David Title’s projection mapping to a different industry and will make lots of money. Therefore, David will have to always “try” new things to stay ahead of the everyday.

In this coming new year, try to re-examine the norm, re-evaluate your current path and perhaps see what new possibilities exist.

Godin tells the story of his dog who is trained to stay in their yard and avoid getting shocked by their invisible fence. Thing is, although the fence broke a year ago, the dog still doesn’t venture beyond the invisible limits…..which now only exist in its mind.

What is holding you chained up?

What might you “try”?

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