How to Become an Observer of Yourself, Instead of a Critic

Rochelle Carrington, a sales coach, asks what we do when a negative thought arises. In her blog “Positive Insights” she inquired if we are someone who dwells on things or moves on?

People tend to beat themselves up about things they perceive they’ve done wrong or missed opportunities and mistakes. Landmark Education suggests we can even make up stories to amplify our negative thoughts….as if our stupidity will excuse us.

Rochelle suggests that we become observers of our actions rather than a participant, or worse, a critic.

This allows us the opportunity to learn from the experience, focus upon a constructive solution and do it better the next time.

So, when something goes wrong, deconstruct the elements, interpret it differently, try to remove the emotion and learn from the experience.

By learning the hard lesson, we can handle it differently instead of repeating a mistake.

There was a story of a young professional who made a costly mistake. He went to his employer and offered his resignation. The wise boss said that if the young man bailed out, there would be nothing but the loss. Instead, consider it a lesson, an investment in his education, and you can bet the kid didn’t make the error twice.

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