NYC 62: 9.3.14 Education – I Love You. You’re Perfect. Now Change!

That was the title of a Broadway Show about relationships, but isn’t that true about so many things?

In one sense, we sometimes have different expectations about someone or something and then want to change it.

And in another sense, just when we thought we had it right, the world changed……and we must change with it.

We must change with our partners to stay relevant and we must change with the World, or be irrelevant.

People must adapt to the changes around them….or become extinct.

Seth Godin writes that there are 7 Imperatives:

The first is to be aware of the world around you, the market and opportunities around you and who you are.

The second Imperative is to be educated so you can understand the world around you.

Next, you must be connected with people so you can be trusted as you engage.

You also must be consistent, so the marketplace knows what to expect.

The fifth Imperative is to build an asset, something that has value and is worth selling.

Next, you have to be productive and efficient so you can be well-priced.

And the seventh and most important Imperative is to DO IT!

Intentions without Action is daydreaming.

I do love you and you each are perfect……but Change, or become extinct.

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