NYC 62: 4.9.14 Education – Are you feeling lucky today?

Who is feeling lucky today?

Are you depending upon your luck or are you giving it a helping hand?

Tomorrow is a mystery, but pragmatic planning makes it more predictable

and less dependent upon only luck.

Harvey Mackay tells us that business plans and the future involve taking risks.

Here are some steps to minimize the risks.


Your word is your bond. Live up to the sterling reputation you deserve.


An imperfect decision that you can correct later is almost always better than a right answer that comes too late.


Know your Market and know your Niche.


Document activities and shine as a reliable source for the minutia of business.


Build a wide band of people in and out of your world. Your network can be a source for referrals, ideas, employees and advice, so cultivate it.


It takes time to become an overnight success. Have a plan, but take your time.


Sometimes you just have to take a risk to move forward. With all factors considered, you can predict potential success.


Maintain a positive attitude. It works.

I’ll leave you, time permitting, a few more of Harvey’s thoughts:

Watch your thoughts for they become your actions.

Watch your actions for they become your habits

Watch your habits for they become your character.

Watch your character for it becomes your destiny.

Lastly, Mr. Mackay says:

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