NYC 62: 10.1.14 Education – Who Has a Burning Desire?

Who remembers hearing Amy ask, “who has a burning desire?”

Where did this term come from?

I read an interesting story in Napoleon Hill’s epic book, “Think and Grow Rich” about a General who led his troops into a challenging battle with a fierce enemy. They sailed to the foreign shores the wage their war…and as they landed ashore, the General commanded the troops to burn the ships. Yes, burn the ships, eliminate any chance of retreat.

They’d either be victorious or die in the effort.

Nothing in between.

Do you think this is motivating? Doesn’t it seem that they had a ” burning desire” for victory?

Success is not won with a casual effort…..only thru a burning desire.

Napoleon Hill prescribed 6 specific steps to success.

First, fix in your mind the specific amount of money you desire, or the specific result you want.

Second, determine what you intend to give in return because there is no such thing as something for nothing.

Third, set a definite date.

Next, create a definite plan of action.

Write it all into a concise statement of your desire, the money you want, the time frame and the plan.

And Sixth, read your statement aloud twice daily, in the morning and at night and see yourself as the success you envision.

Remember, it takes action, not just a desire…….and then every time someone says…”don’t burn your bridges behind you”…… Maybe you should!!!

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