Edification and Setting the Table

It’s always great when we get a referral. The opportunity is there to meet new people, to make connections, and of course the potential to close some business.

But not every referral is created equal. And while this is true in terms of the actual person, and their level of interest, today I want to shine a light on the process of connecting two people you think might be able to work together.

Over the course of my career as a Coach, I have been connected to many people in a variety of ways. And it’s often over email.

But there is a huge difference between, “Corey meet Bob; Bob meet Corey,” and a more intentionally executed connection.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. So remember, it’s not just making the connection – it’s *how* it’s made.

That can really “set the table,” for what follows in the new relationship. In many cases it can make or break where it goes from there.

Think about edifying both parties. Yes, you’ll ultimately allow them to discuss what they do, and whether or not they’re a fit for each other. But this is their very first impression. And you get to make it for them!

So share a sentence about what they do, and maybe even a positive quality they have, or how you know them. And then do the same for the other person.

It elevates both parties out of the fray, passes them through an approval filter, and sets the table for a more open connection.

In addition, give an indicator about the flow of the potential relationship. In other words, do you think Bob is more likely to hire Susan? Or is Susan going to likely want Bob’s services? If it’s clear, bring that into the email.

And if you’re unsure, and just think two people could network or explore synergies, share that.

And always be authentic. If you don’t know one of the parties, then don’t share like you do. But you can pass on anything positive that you’ve heard about them, or something about who recommended them.

So again, don’t just think of who you’re putting together. Consider the packaging.

It will make for good connections, and great business.

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