Make More Money Profiling with the FBI?

How would you like to make more money being a profiler with the FBI?

Did I say FBI?


That’s the Find Business Initiative. So how do you do that?

Your first action item is to review your clients and create a list of your best customers, however you define that.

  • What industry are they in?
  • What’s the job title of the person that hired you?
  • How did you get introduced to that person?
  • What was the trigger for those customers to be in the market for your services?
  • What might they say that should make use think of introducing you?
  • What are the other common traits among those best customers?

Next, your goal here in Elevate is to make sure that your fellow members understand these profiles and recognize these people when they come across them.

If that happens, then making those introductions should be a mere formality at that point.

So make your ideal customer profiles; and train your fellow members to recognize them, and I guarantee that you will make more money with the FBI.

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