Make More Money With Your Weekly Email To The Chapter!

Per our group’s rules, you are allowed to send one email out to the chapter each week.

So get your pens ready to write because this week’s make more money moment will help you get more business and more referrals from your weekly email to the group.

First, an extensive wall of text is daunting to busy people and won’t get read, so the key to a successful marketing email to the group is to keep it as short as possible and to tell your readers what action they should take.

Second, your email should have two features;

A) What’s in it for you and …

B) What’s in it for them, the reader.

For example, each week I email you about a website that I just completed.

The “what’s in it for me” is that you get to see my work and another successfully completed project, and this may give you ideas on how to refer me.

Next, the “what’s in it for you” is that I say that if you look at the site, and think my client might be a good referral for you, to let me know and I would be happy to make that introduction.

I’m essentially opening my client contact file to you, so why not take a gander; you might just get a referral and a good connection.

In summary, keep your email short to get a higher read rate, and offer something of value to the reader and I guarantee that you’ll make more money!

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