Make More Money From Online Reviews

As I’ve mentioned to you previously, Chapter 62 has been integral to helping me and e9digtial become the highest rated web firm in Manhattan.

So how would you like to make more money by being trusted by people you don’t know?

You can do that with reviews on Google, Yelp and Facebook, and you can have your fellow members jump start that for you.

First: Why should you do this?

I guarantee that every time I give out a referral to one of you, no matter how strong that referral is, the first thing the person will do is google you. They do this because they want some corroboration to the great story I told them, and by seeing a bunch of positive reviews, it gives them the confidence to pick up the phone up and call you.

So here’s how I had Chapter 62 help me and e9digital become the highest rated web firm in Manhattan.

Every time e9digital completed a project with one of you in this room, I followed up with you and asked if we provided 5 star service, and if we didn’t, I asked you how we could have served you better.

By asking these questions after every project it allowed me to do three things:

First, if there was a problem on a project that I wasn’t aware of, this gave you a chance to vent and be heard.

Second, if you weren’t five-star happy, I was able to solve your problem and avoid a negative review.

Third, I can take any feedback that you provided and use that to improve our service and our process.

But 99% of the time the reply I received was that you were super happy with the process and the completed website.

It was at this point, that I followed up with you and asked that you give me a 5 star review on Google, and to make sure you expended minimal effort in doing so, I gave you a direct link to where you could leave the review.

And once I got really good with the method of follow up and getting reviews within the Chapter, I rolled it out to the rest of my clients.

In summary, if you are doing business with your fellow members, you should be asking for their feedback to improve your process and when they are five star happy, you should be asking them to leave a review.

Then take this process and use it on all of your clients, and you will definitely make more money.

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