February 12, 2014

NYC 62: 2..14 Education – Handshakes

A handshake is the first and only physical touch that is welcomed in business in the U.S. In a matter of seconds, your handshake willsignal friendliness, hospitality, openness, confidence and respect, as well as contempt, ridicule, competitiveness and control. It is used to: open and close business deals make an introduction welcome or greet someone extend an

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NYC 62: 1.22.14 Education – Misconceptions

It all makes sense now….gay marriage and marijuana being legalized at the same time. Leviticus 20:13 says, “if a man lays down with another man, he should be stoned”. We were just misinterpreting it! Misconceptions about our business are really bad! We all deal with the misconceptions of our own businesses (sometimes multiple times a

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