NYC 62: 1.22.14 Education – Misconceptions

It all makes sense now….gay marriage and marijuana being legalized at the same time.

Leviticus 20:13 says, “if a man lays down with another man, he should be stoned”.

We were just misinterpreting it!

Misconceptions about our business are really bad! We all deal with the misconceptions of our own businesses (sometimes multiple times a day)..our response is second nature because we know our own business and we get the same damn question over and over again.

To keep Lucky Planet 62 in its leadership position must seek out and be aware of the misconceptions of EACH OTHER’s business.

For Sarah Bush…. people often think she’s an artists AGENT ….she’s not…she’s a COACH for artists…see the difference?

For our new Jazz ensemble – Adam Lomeo…the misconception for his business is people think plugging in an ipod is simpler and the band is too complicated. Actually the opposite is true.

For our new member Julie Zuckerman the biggest misconception about dermatology clinics is that they only treat medical skin issues. When in reality Julie is also a tattoo removal specialist.

It’s a non threatening question…gladly answered… and like a laser immediately gets to the heart of the issue and exposes it.

If you want give and get better referrals from your 121’s….if you want to uncover a business problem or opportunity from a prospective client ask…

What is the biggest misconception about your business?… then listen for the gold.

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