You Never Know What’s Happening to Someone Else

Sometimes you may feel like people you reach out to with enthusiasm, refer business to, or connect with are not responding or not responding fast enough.

Chances are, you may not be aware of what is happening to them at the time you make contact.

Myriad things may be happening in their lives that you are not aware of and that they are not letting you or maybe anyone know. It could be anything from an ill parent to a family crisis to a medical diagnosis or something else.

The truth is: you just don’t know what might be going on in their world that is delaying their response.

In recent months and weeks, I silently dealt with a Stage IV lung cancer diagnosis I received right before Thanksgiving. After surgery in January to prepare, I quietly started chemotherapy treatments at the end of January and kept coming to NYC. Few knew. Most of you did not.

Then early morning on Valentine’s Day at 3am, my boyfriend’s computer monitor burst into flames, causing a fire in our apartment that has now displaced us from our home ever since while our home is being remediated and rebuilt.

Add to all this a third layer: my business bank made a huge error, blocking my business account on the first of March when payments go out just like yours do. My account has been frozen for the last week for no viable reason, wreaking havoc on all the payments that usually get taken care of automatically. The block was just removed yesterday and now I have to clean up the mess this made.

Look left. Look right. You just don’t know what is happening to the people around you.

So if someone does not respond in a timely fashion, ask them if everything is okay and offer support instead of feeling like they don’t care or are not interested.

You just may find that they have more going on that is precluding them from paying attention to the contact you made.

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