Tips for an Effective 5 Minute Presentation

As an additional way to highlight you as the featured speaker, please sit in the chair to the left of the Vice President. If you will be using the projector then you will actually sit in the middle of the tables closest to the doors.

Download the NYC 62 Bio Sheet and complete it. BRING A PRINTOUT for Conrad and EMAIL him a copy by the Monday prior to your speech. IMPORTANT FOR YOUR BIO. You can be colorful or funny with your answers, but try to keep your answer relatively short as Conrad only has 1 minute to read it.

Remember to bring a door prize ($10-$15) to the meeting.

Make sure you still give your 30 second commercial or at least a preview of your presentation.

If you need the PROJECTOR, MAKE SURE you let Conrad know and he will bring it to the venue. Otherwise, it might NOT BE THERE.

Big Tips:

  • Make sure you start off by introducing yourself and profession again, as visitors might not know what you do. Doing this puts them in the right frame of mind to get your message right off the bat.
  • Make sure you prepare and time your presentation for 4:45. Invariably, there are minor hiccups that will stretch your time out.
  • We suggest writing out your presentation and printing it out in large type, so it’s like having a teleprompter.
  • If you write out your speech, keep your paragraphs short. That will make it easier to read.
  • Don’t be nervous. You know your material better than anyone in the room, and your fellow members like you, so they won’t be judgemental about little flaws.
  • If you don’t write-out your whole speech, you should at least have bullet points to keep you on track.
  • If you are using note cards, MAKE SURE YOU NUMBER THEM, in case you drop them or inadvetantly mix them up.
  • Focus on 3 good referrals or referral partners and mention them at the end of the presentation.
  • Please pay attention to the large clock in front of the timekeeper directly across the room and wrap-up your speech when the timer is near zero.

Projector Information:

  • We have the following connectors: iPad2, iPad3, VGA for PCs, Mini-DV for Macbooks and Mac Airs, HDMI, HDMI Mini
  • iPad1 does NOT natively support an external monitor (the projector) and will NOT work unless you have installed a special app that supports an external monitor.

Items to Cover in Speech:

  • Introduction
  • What you do
  • Your “bona fides”
  • What services or products you provide
  • Why you are better or different
  • How much it costs to work with you, if applicable
  • Ideal clients or referrals
  • Ideal referral partners
  • Closing

Sample Presentation Text:

Download the text sample.

Sample Presentation Video:

This eight minute presentation was given by Conrad Strabone, Jr., President of e9digital, a boutique New York City website development agency at Manhattan NYC Chapter 62 on October 24th, 2012. Website:

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