The Five Step Referral System PART 3

To incentivize referral partners to work with me, I am offering them value they can provide to their clients in the form of high quality photography, along with referral fees so they can profit off of recommending our services. And I usually start the relationship by offering to connect them to other people that might be helpful to them in their business.

The next step is to come up with your offering to both the actual client and the NYC member.

I want you to take this week and spend some time coming up with the answers to these two questions – write them down:

1. What deal can I offer to the client that the referral partner can easily sell?
2. How can I make it easy for the NYC member to introduce me to my referral partners?

In other words, this means writing out copy and paste emails that you can give NYC member AND the referral partner to send for you.

(LEADERSHIP NOTE: Referral Fees are not normally traded within NYC 62. The incentive inside our chapter is that we will give each other referrals and what goes around; comes around. Referral fees are used outside the chapter as inducement to a partner that otherwise would not take the time or effort to refer you because they have no expectation of getting a referral in return. This practice is standard outside NYC. If you have any questions about this, please see Conrad.)

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