The Five Step Referral System PART 2

Good morning! Sorry it’s been a while since my last education piece but a few things happened with the scheduling, so I’m going to not be going every week, but every couple of weeks. For anyone who wasn’t here a few weeks back when I started, I’m doing a multi-week education series on something I created called The Five Step Referral System.

Last time, we discussed finding your ideal referral partner. Meaning what type of person would probably know lots of clients for you? For me, rather than focusing my weekly commercial on looking for people who need headshots, I’d rather focus on meeting people who know lots of people who need headshots… or for example, web designers.

Who would that ideal referral partner be for you? And if you don’t think many people in our chapter would know those types of people, who might they know that would know that referral partner?

Now the next step is to come up with an offering you’ll make to that referral partner.

Why should that person send clients to you and work with you? What’s in it for them? Take a minute to come up with ideas. Here’s a few to get started:

You can refer people back to them.

If they already know someone like you, is there a reason they should have more than one person who does your service in their roster?

You can do what their current person does, only better.

You offer other special benefits that no one else does.

You’ve worked with many other referral partners similar to them.

You have a special guarantee no one else can offer.

The referral partner can profit off of referring you.

You can refer referral partners to them.

Come up with a good list of things you can offer that will make the referral partner both feel comfortable and incentivized to refer people you.

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