Takers and Their Short-Lived and Short-sighted Reality

Are you a taker? Do you think of business as trying to get all the chips for yourself leaving none for others.

It’s a struggle being a taker today in this connected economy. Your reputation gets spread quickly, but it may be lost on you.

Here’s the reality that givers – those that freely give of themselves, experience:

  • Others feel compelled to give of themselves back to givers
  • Serendipity happens more freely
  • Compounding effects occur because favors are traded
  • Relationships and networks are larger and active
  • There’s less effort and life tends to be easier

I look at takers with a bit of pity. It’s a strategy and a bad one at that.

Sure, you might get something in the short term. But don’t expect the same doors to be opened on the next go around. And the truth is that you will need many go arounds to get to where you are going. You will merely have a one and done. The payout is short-term, but it is also short-lived.

If you don’t feel like you are getting ahead, then you may want to look at your strategy. Think about the last week. How much have you given? Can you make a list of 20 people you have made an impact or given real value to? Can you think of 20 people you are valuable to? Might be worth asking if you find yourself stuck. The givers are well beyond this question.

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