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Corey Anker always likes to joke about how I’m a systems guy. I try to find systems for everything I do so that things can be automated and use as little time as possible.

Well, one of the systems I’ve set up with my team is a weekly meeting where we discuss any issues that consistently seem to be coming up, whether they are just problems that my employees are dealing with or client questions or complaints. By show of hands, who here actually spends at least an hour or two per week with everyone from their company where they just focus on issues and figure out creative, permanent solutions to problems?

For those of you who don’t have this type of system, or if you work by yourself, I highly encourage you to set something up where each week you take just an hour or two to focus on how to streamline your business. In this short time frame, you could potentially save yourself and your team many hours of work each week.

But make sure you figure out a way to make the meeting fun! If you’re creative enough, you can even turn it into a team building activity! Maybe everyone eats lunch together and catches up on things, and then you transition into the meeting. That’s how we do it at least, a simple, fun lunch-style meeting that lasts about 2 hours where we work through and fix problems, come up with ideas, and create systems.

Now, I’m going to tell you one awesome idea we came up with in one of these meetings. So, one of our issues was that many clients would contact us for big shoots and then we wouldn’t hear back from them after a quote was sent. We’d forget to follow up with them and they would wind up booking with another client. I wanted to know why they chose someone else so we could make any modifications we needed to our sales process or pricing structure.

So we brought this up at our meeting, and doing a little research led us to discover a program called Follow Up Then, which is totally awesome.

Basically, it reminds you to follow up with people. All you have to do is BCC something like, or However long after you want the system to remind you, simply add the address into the BCC tab when you send the email, and after that period of time, you’ll get an email back from Follow Up Then that says, “It’s time to follow up with so and so.”

It’s so easy to use, and now no one on my team forgets to follow up with people, which leads to more bookings and finding out why certain people didn’t book.

If you want to set it up, just send a blank email right now to, and they’ll email you back with instructions on how to set up an account. And its completely free.

Systems! Get systems in place that help you streamline your business so you can, as Conrad always says, “Make More Money!”

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