Return on Investment for your NYC 62 presentation.

We all know that giving your 5min presentation is a great opportunity to showcase your business to the room but have you ever taken the time to quantity the return on investment? Over my seven years as a member of NYC Lucky 62, I have ALWAYS seen a bump in my introductions and referrals received right after my featured presentation. More than 65% of my annual total is accounted for in the two months following my presentation because I am top of mind to the members in the room. I strategically give my featured presentation in the months of February & March each year…Because it’s when individuals and business owners are thinking about money, taxes and their financial planning goals.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend logging into the NYC Lucky 62 website and reviewing your past referrals received. Look at the best introductions and the ones that led to closed business; what time of year did you receive them? Is there a direct correlation between your busy season and when you received referrals? Is there a direct correlation between your NYC presentation date and the amount of referrals you received? If not, here are three actions I’d consider taking…

1) When is your business top of mind to your target audience or strategic partners? Get on the speaker calendar for that month.

2) “Dig an inch wide and a mile deep”…Skip the general overview of what you do; keep your presentation specific to one timely service you offer for the target demographic that’s been your best referral received in the room.

3) KISS Method…Keep it simple stupid…no need for flashly video or tasty treats…talk to us. We’re your salesforce…the less to remember the better.

If you need assistance with the presentation, Carey Davis is available to coach you. And if you want a second set of eyes to review your stats, please connect with your mentor…we’re here to help you and be champions for your success.

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