The word “relationship,” shows up in so many different places and contexts in our lives. There are the relationships we inhabit every day of course. For me that includes husband, Dad, coach, brother, friend, etc. Member of Lucky Chapter 62. And there’s how the word shows up on particular forms to be filled out – “relationship to patient,” or “relationship to student.” When the word stands by itself it takes on an additional quality – “I just got out of a relationship.” “I’m not really looking for a relationship now.” Though the word is technically general, we all know its specific meaning here.

No matter how it’s used, “relationship” is all about how people and things interact – how they occur for us. Who people are for us, and who we are for them.

There is also a way that we *relate* to ourselves. And a way that we relate to resources like time, money, and energy. There’s a way we relate to possibility. Some people live focused on what’s possible and some live focused on what’s not.

What does this have to do with networking and business?

We all have stories and ways of being about ourselves and our lives, and the things and people inside of them. We love to share these stories with anyone who will listen and of course we’re always listening.

Now brace yourselves, but they’re not actually real. I know that you have gathered a lot of evidence to support that they are. But consider that it’s equally possible to gather evidence of the opposite.

Someone recently shared with me their story about how despite always having dreamed of moving cross country, they couldn’t because it was hard. And they had reasons. They wanted it. For a long time, and I suspect really deeply. But in that moment, while they could see it, they couldn’t choose it. They stood in their own way.

What are your stories? (Hint, find the struggle and you’re likely to find a story in there somewhere.)

Who are you being for yourself and others, like your clients?

Who are you having them be for you?

This community, this team, is leverage. Last night I was out to dinner with a friend and without thinking too much about it, Josh Perlman, Dani Nodelman, Mike Nerenberg, and Cliff Schneider were all mentioned in a single conversation. And on some level I was kind of bragging. Not in an annoying way. I was just being proud to share my pride in being a part of a community that is as caring as it is competent. Big minds, big hearts.

In that conversation I related to myself as fortunate. And I related to the group as a valuable resource. We’re always looking to bring or create value here, but in that conversation it was the group that had the value and I saw the opportunity to share it to help my friend.

It made the conversation effortless and joyful.

Take a look at how you are relating to yourself. How your relating to the group.

How will you leverage this group today?

Here’s to powerful individuals, in powerful relationship.

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