Ready, Aim, Fire!

So hopefully you’ll indulge me if I get just a little bit political. I promise I’m going somewhere with this.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that it’s been a little while since the last large scale gun related tragedy. And, unfortunately, if things continue on as they have, it’s simply a matter of time before the next heartbreaking headline.

Now don’t get me wrong, if there are responsible gun owners in here, or even gun lovers, my intention is not to offend. Or even to debate the issue.

It’s just that guns always seem to be so destructive. They don’t really CREATE anything. They’re designed to destroy.

But it goes without saying that they are very powerful.

So today I want to flip the script for once and use a gun as a metaphor for something powerful, yet positive. Something creative in nature.

Let’s take a look at the three words in the well known phrase: Ready, Aim, Fire.

When we’re building our businesses, and even our lives, it’s these three elements that are so crucial to our success.

First, we need to be Ready. And this is in multiple forms. We need to make sure that our well being is intact. That we’re eating well, getting good sleep – in the number of hours as well as the quality – and some regular physical fitness or movement. These will keep us healthy, and able to function at the levels we need to in order to be successful.

We also need to be prepared – to know our businesses inside and out. We need to know our work, our company, the position, and the material – even how it’s going throughout the profession. We need to know about our ideal clients, who and where they are, what kind of money they make, what they’re looking for.

Being *ready* means not missing out on deals and opportunities.

Second, we need to take Aim. Consider that there’s attention and intention. Attention is essentially interest or awareness. Intention is the determination to take particular action.

So you go to a networking event. The attention is all about growing your business or getting more clients. The intention would be, for example, to make sure you’re meeting at least four quality people every hour.

Once we’re ready, and take aim, it’s time to Fire.

This is the sending of the email, pitch, or offering, making the phone call, taking that lunch meeting to close the deal. It’s setting up the 121, or meeting the prospect or potential referral partner. It’s giving the demo or doing the session or treatment.

And it’s also about follow-up. Closed business – especially in NYC – is all about relationship building. It’s making deposits into the “accounts” of others, before you make a withdrawal.

Take action and make an impact.

To recap, in order to create thriving businesses we need preparation, focus, and action.

Ready, Aim, Fire.

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