Passover, Easter, and Goals

For those who celebrated the recent holidays, I hope you all had a Happy Passover and a Happy Easter.

Without getting into the religious aspects of these holidays, if we simplify them down to their most basic elements, Passover is about the Jewish people being freed from bondage – essentially getting “unstuck.” And Easter is about Jesus’ resurrection, which is essentially a kind of renewal.

It turns out that Monday night, even before last night when I was writing this, I submitted my renewal application. Because today, right after this meeting, I have my renewal meeting.

Right in the application, as most of you know, there is an opportunity to list our goals. And listing our goals is a great way to create traction, accountability, and forward motion. It’s also a great way to create a structure that we can leverage during those times when we need to get unstuck.

So I’m going to share my goals with you, in hopes that you see something for yourself. Now, these aren’t the “right” goals, or my only goals. But this list is something to strive for – a structure I can empower in service of moving forward and creating results I’m committed to.

Here’s what I wrote:

Over the course of my next Chapter Year…

Within the Chapter:

– invite at least 10 guests

– do at least two 5 min presentations

– create at least 15 new education pieces (unless there’s enough interest from others to take those spots – which I encourage and would support as needed)

– sit on the MC for a period of time

– invite someone from my world outside NYC to be a guest and it lead to them becoming a member

– generate at least 35k in closed business for myself

– generate at least 50k in add’l closed business for the chapter

– utilize the services of at least 10 members of the chapter with whom I have previously not yet done business

Outside the Chapter:

– launch my new website

– grow my mailing list to over 10k

– complete at least 5 ebooks

– complete the rough draft of the longer book

– drop 25 lbs

And I’m going to do my best to enjoy it all!

I hope you’re inspired to declare your own goals.

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