I left a hot yoga class yesterday morning, and I was driving on my way home and thinking about what I might talk about today.

After about thirty seconds of not too much bubbling up, the word “network” entered my mind. Ok, no big deal, nothing special. Networking. That’s what we do, got it.

But then I noticed something. The word itself – “network” – is essentially made up of two smaller words – net and work. When taken together they make either a noun – “this is my network,” or a verb, “I like to network.”

But when broken apart you get both a noun, “net,” and a verb, “work.”

“Ok Corey, we get it you like words. But what’s the point?”

Ok stay with me for a second. In soccer and other sports they talk about “footwork.” It’s how you move or what you do with your feet.

So today I want to look at what you are doing with your NET!

Look around. If you are in this room right now, you are a part of this net. Whether you’re a member of the chapter and are really woven into it each week, or a sub or guest today. Even if this is your very first BNI meeting, you are a piece of what’s creating this net.

A butterfly net is used to catch butterflies. This net is used to catch business.

So how’s your “net-work?”

Are you catching anything? If so, are you catching what you’re after? Are the knots and connections strong? How big or small are the spaces in your net? Are you just swinging it around hoping to catch something? Or are you being intentional?

I was at Conrad’s Network Ninja PhD yesterday and it was great. One of the things he mentioned was if we’re not looking at the guest list Amy sends out each week we’re doing ourselves a disservice. There is so much information available to us.

While we’re at it, how’s it going with the “work” part? Are you clear about what you want to catch? What are you doing regularly and consistently with this “net” to ensure you catch it?

We can all get better at our “Net-work.”

Listen today to Conrad’s Make More Money tip and if it resonates with you figure out how you can leverage it.

You can even create partnership with someone in the room you meet and connect with today, or already do business with and practice together.

This is truly quite a NET we have all found and WORK to continue to cultivate.

Here’s to catching great things, and to creating the kinds of business we want.

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