MST – Request to Refer

How do you like to receive your referrals?

A member in another chapter writes the shortest introductions I’ve ever seen.

Boom- no warning- all of a sudden it’s in my inbox –

Carey meet Jim, eye doctor interested in selling his practice

Jim meet Carey, business broker.

That’s it!

I’d argue that’s the exception to the rule and best practice in the art and science of networking would take a different route.

First (and this is forgotten a lot) We send an email to the person who is going to receive the email TO REQUEST TO REFER.

This is an extra step which helps in 3 ways.

You’ll make sure the recipient really wants this introduction- that it’s the right referral.

2. If you’re not that familiar with the member you’re giving the referral to, this preliminary communication provides a process to word an intro the best way.

3. You give the recipient a heads up that in the dozens and dozens of emails they’ll be getting today ONE includes GOLD- a referral that’s given you goose bumps you’re so eager to send..

Take the extra step of Request to Refer. Doesn’t take long and applies quality control to the process.

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