MST – As NYC 62 Turns – The Overlap – Rule/Guideline

Lucinda Walsh just recently joined NYC Lucky 62 as the wedding cake queen in the business. But Emily Stuart, the other queen of wedding cakes, would love to visit after Conrad told her how amazing our group is. One problem – they both are immediate competition – one profession per seat. But we like everybody to visit our group because Emily has lots of valuable connections for the others in the wedding & events sphere. Now what to do? Since we are all a little touchy feely when it comes to our feelings being respected…

So what do you do:

1) Email or better call Lucinda Walsh and let her know that Emily Stuart is coming to visit. That way she won’t be surprised when Emily just shows up.

2) Go on our wonderful website created by our own website wiz Conrad and enter Emily as overlap YES!

3) Gues what? Now you will receive a perfectly phrased overlap commercial …tada…making it super easy for your guest

4) NOW, prepare your guest to use it….


Should you have missed this episode or would like to read a re-run, please go to our website and ENJOY!

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