MST 9.18.13 – Inviting Visitors

I want to take a few moments to talk about the importance of visitors and give some tips about how to effectively invite them.

First, you should know that visitors are one of the life bloods of our chapter. They account for 25% of the annual closed business even though most never join. So if you look and see that we have over 3 million dollars in closed business, on average we would expect about 750,000 of those dollars to be from visitors that come into the room.

When inviting guests, don’t worry about them becoming a member.

If you haven’t noticed, Chapter 62 currently has 72 members. We are no longer a chapter that needs to have more members (although we do want to grow). Focus instead on what the member can get out of coming to the room. We have found it most effective to speak in terms of power spheres. As an example, if you meet a physical therapist, you can think about the health and wellness sphere. Tell the prospective visitor that you know a personal trainer, massage therapist, health coach and acupuncturist who are actively looking for a physical therapist to refer business to. Ask if they would like to meet these people. The answer will undoubtably be yes. Let the person know that these people will all be in the same place on Wednesday and close the conversation by saying you can email the details.

Note that the conversation does not include the time, location or other distracting details. You are looking to help the prospective visitor close business. When they receive your email, the rest won’t matter!!

If you need a script for the email, click here and look in the middle of that page.

Here’s another great way to look at inviting visitors–we all have busy schedules and at the same time all of us are trying to make the baseline average of 1.5 contributions per week. Think about the time it takes to invite a guest -1) have a conversation where you invite them, 2) they say yes, 3) get their details, 4) enter them onto the sub list. Total investment of time: 5-10 minutes. But this counts as one contribution toward your baseline. You can literally invite up to 5 guests in the same time as it takes to have one 1-2-1. So while there is nothing more important than a 1-2-1, we think it is meaningful to point out just how little time it takes to invite a visitor.

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