MST 10.22.14 – Do you want to make more money?

Chapter 62 members: Raise your hand if you’d like to make more money! Here’s my top tip today on how to make more money: Set up monthly meetings with your power sphere! Having monthly meetings with your power sphere is a sure-fire way of increasing your revenues. If you’ve ever been to a wedding mafia or real estate power sphere meeting, you’ll know that power sphere meetings are all about leveraging the power of brainstorming with people who are in your industry and who are not your competition.

Visitors: If you want to know what power spheres are, you’ll see them listed on the bottom of the roster under our names.

Members: We on the Membership Committee are committed to only accepting the highest quality applicants to this chapter. We only know so much, however, about the intricacies of your industry so, Tip #2 for making more money: Get involved in the application process when someone applies for a seat in your power sphere!

Power sphere captains will be responsible for getting us feedback on anyone applying for their power sphere and we’re now requiring each applicant meet with at least one person from their power sphere before we make a decision on their application. We not only want your feedback; we NEED your feedback to ensure we’re making the right choices for your power sphere.

In summary, you’ll do well to think of your power sphere like a mini NYC chapter. Nurture your power sphere and your power sphere will nurture you.

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