Mothers’ Day Is Coming!

So Mothers’ Day is coming up this Sunday, and once again thanks to Amy’s creative and caring invitation to incorporate outside goings on into what we do here, we have a few Mom’s among us this morning.

And I’m so happy and proud to say that mine is here. She’s right over there. Hi Mom, love you.

Who is more important to us than our Mothers? Or Mother figures? Whether we’re close with them – as I am – or even if you may not be, what relationship has been more instrumental in giving you life in this world?

And this got me thinking, when it comes to our businesses, who has been more instrumental than our clients and customers? They are our lifeblood.

So today, I’d like to share with you some of the lessons I learned from my Mom. Listen for how they might be applied to how we show up in our businesses.

First of all, Merrie Anker was a successful and incredibly creative kindergarten teacher. She wrote her own songs, came up with her own lesson plans, and absolutely adored her students. But she had a goal, to become a full time mother. And she could envision that goal. And so along with my then soon to be Dad, she made a plan and took action in alignment with that goal.

From the moment the nurses put me in her arms, so I’m told, it was love at first sight. And from then on there has been an unwavering commitment to love and care for me. Despite any and all circumstances – time, money, fear, inconvenience, and discomfort, there have been no excuses. Just presence, consistency, and love. She always comes through, always delivers, always brings attention and care, and a willingness to ensure my happiness.

There is nobody in my life who has been a greater service to me than my Mom. She has created connection, understanding, and trust. She has communicated to me what I mean to her. When I speak, she listens. And so when she speaks, I listen too.

Before I even knew what a relationship was, I had someone creating the space, and setting the tone – modeling for me a standard which I could measure up to. And so showing up in a similar way, as a willing partner, just came naturally.

Consider that all relationships involve the balancing of needs. When we bring service, commitment, interest, care, consistency, trust, and sometimes even love in service of our clients, powerful and productive relationships naturally follow.

And that also holds true for the bonds we create in this room.

Imagine how things could go in your business if you brought that level of commitment to your goals, and to your clients.

Oh, and don’t forget to call your mother. 

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