Living Without Fear

There are a lot of living things on planet Earth. Plants, animals, insects, algae. Even the planet as a whole is an organism.

And you can argue that there’s a consciousness to it. You can also argue that on some level, it’s been a series of random events. But why are we arguing? Either way I leave that to you to decide.

But I believe we’re all agreed that we humans have somehow found our way to the top of the evolutionary food chain. We’re the most evolved. We have the most advanced level of thought processes. And we have the greatest facility with higher level organized actions such as travel, food and resource procurement, mating rituals, and the list goes on.

Go us!

Of course, this cornucopia of wonderful behavioral options does not come without its costs. And while I don’t propose to say that animals and other planetary “neighbors,” don’t experience some of these things, I’d say nobody does stress, hyper analysis, overwhelm, and all their cousins better than we do.

We’re the best at it!

And if we boil all of that mind-made soup down to a single element, I’m going to assert that it’s FEAR.

To an extent, fear is normal and healthy. It keeps us safe. On point. Invested. And back, many years ago when our biological lives were actually on the line, it kept us alive.

But here’s the thing… fear has one major job, and it is a master at it. And that job is to stop us. To figuratively and also literally, stop us.

Now this can look like a lot of things. It can of course look like actual stopping – not doing something, not taking an action. But it can also be hidden behind various masks such as over analyzing, trying to get things perfect, changing one’s mind in the face of challenging circumstances, ghosting, getting confused or as I sometimes like to say, “going dumb,” being consistently overwhelmed, being consistently angry or victimized, or late, or disorganized, or – you get the idea.

When it comes to our goals and dreams, however fear shows up, whatever it is that we are afraid of, it’s almost always heightened, over dramatized, and often misplaced.

Have you ever procrastinated on a task? Even for a silly-long amount of time? Only to do the thing and wonder what was so complicated or difficult, why you waited so long. It’s not the thing – it’s what it represents.

Now that’s a lot about fear. And though you haven’t read the words on the blog yet, the title of this piece is actually, “Living Without Fear.”

It’s such a meaty topic, and I could talk about it all day. But really, my intention was to sharpen your senses to perceive it – so you can notice it when it shows up.

The major takeaway here is that because it does such a good job of stopping you, if you can slay the dragon, you can move beyond where you stop.

And THAT is exactly where possibility can be found. On the other side of that “Do Not Cross,” safety tape.

Every result that you desire beyond what you currently possess or have created, can be found over there.

I promise that I’ll get more into Fear in a future Ed piece, and spend more time on things like actions to take to slay that dragon.

In the meantime, notice where you stop. Notice where you get distracted, or reactive, or defensive, or enamored with your own feelings and stories about the thing. Or simply give your power away.

You don’t have to. Consider what would be available to you, if you went even 5% past where your automatic said, “no further.”

And this is true for people at all levels of the game. There’s always another 5%.

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