Listen to the differences between these types of customers

Listen to the differences between these types of customers……

 # 1 Customers Who Are Satisfied: A satisfied customer is not a loyal customer. They may appear to be loyal, but they aren’t. These are  “dangerous customers.” You think they are happy because they are satisfied. They don’t complain. And, they don’t leave – until your competitor offers a better experience or something that appears to be of greater value.

#2 Customers Who Enjoy Convenience: There are customers who do business with you simply because you are convenient. It may be because of your location, or that they don’t know about the competition. These customers are ripe to be converted to loyal customers, if you can give them a reason to do so.

#3 Customers Who Appear to Be Loyal, but Don’t Really Like You: Not all customers like you, but they still continue to do business with you. Maybe it’s easier to stay with you, rather than switch. For example, a customer may not like the bank they go to. But they choose to stay there because it would be a hassle to go to another bank and fill out paperwork, transfer the money and more. Given the chance for an easy exit, they may take it.

#4 Customers Who Are Loyal to Your Low Prices: If you choose to compete in the low price arena, you will find shoppers who are more loyal to the price than your company. As soon as they find a lower price elsewhere, they leave you. If you advertise that you are the lowest price, you better be the lowest price.


#5 Customers Who Are Really Loyal: This is the customer who loves your products and services. They would never dream of doing business with anyone else. Price isn’t an issue. And, you don’t need a loyalty program to keep this customer loyal. Most likely, they enjoy the relationship they have with your company and/or the people who work in your company. This is the ultimate loyal customer. This is who you want to be doing business with.

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