How to Look Great for Online Meetings

We spend a lot of time doing zoom calls. How you look will affect your business. As a photographer, I would like to give you a couple of tips of — How to look great for online meetings.

1. Most important thing is Lighting

You need direct, natural and diffused light. Ideally you need to face the window.

Where to find the location?

Hold your phone as if you are about to do a selfie, check your face in different locations at home and see where the light is the most flattering on your face. Once you find the spot, move your laptop to that spot.

If no or little natural light available in the room, you need to set up supplemental light source. You can use a Ring light. Prices range from 25 to 100 dollars in amazon. This one is $50. Or you can combine window light and artificial light, just make sure your face is brightly lit and not too yellow.

Where to put your light:

Put your light on the other side of your laptop, or side by side with your laptop and facing you, make sure the light shines directly on your face. Avoid side light, overhead light or light behind you. No, No, No! You don’t want to be in complete shadow or have too much shadows on your face.

2. What is the best camera angle

The best camera angle with meeting calls is you want to look slightly up into the camera that makes you chin up slightly, to get rid of double chins and make your eyes open up more and look bigger.

Don’t sit too close to the laptop because it has a wide angle lens it will distort your face, but within an arm reach, so you can type. To practice: Go to Zoom, select new meeting, you can see yourself and you can experiment with different angles or settings.

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