Have you ever watched a successful person at work?

Have you ever watched a successful person at work? If you study their daily activities you’re likely to find that the range of tasks they perform are limited to the few things they perform best. 

We all have things that we are great at and we enjoy doing. When we perform these activities we find that we enjoy ourselves, are happier and we have more energy. Wouldn’t work be great if it didn’t feel like work!

This is what coach Dan Sullivan calls our unique ability. You see, we are all unique and therefore GREAT at something. We simply need to find OUR unique ability and do it more often to be more successful. 

But what about all the things we aren’t great at? These tasks usually take up the majority of your time and drain us of our energy. The goal is to build a team around you with skill sets that complement your weaknesses. 

For example, if you’re great designing but very disorganized with paperwork, hire someone to support you once per week. They will likely be able to do more in less time than you could and this can free up valuable time for you to spend in your unique ability.

As your business grows, that part-time employee may become a full time employee. Inevitably you’ll find other tasks that you don’t enjoy that you can hand off as well. 

Remember, the more time you spend in your unique ability the better. Let’s all work smarter not harder.

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